3 messages to send to your ex-girlfriend to get her back on track

So… do you want your ex-girlfriend to come back?

One of the easiest ways to find your ex is to use your mobile phone and press a lot of buttons.

Does that sound absurd to you? Well, it doesn’t… I’ve trained thousands of men around the world to text their exes… …even if at first they thought it was impossible to get their exes back.

And today, I’m going to give you some advice on how you can force your girlfriend to run back to you (and no, she certainly won’t have a choice in the matter).

Are you ready?

This is the first text you can send to get started (but don’t send those text messages yet. At the end of the article, I’ll tell you exactly when to send these text messages, because when you send these messages it’s just as important as what you send).

Text #1 – The “I’m OK” message
— “Hi _, just wanted to let you know that I am 100% okay with the breakup and thought it was a good idea. I hope we can continue to be friends. See you soon. —

This SMS is great because it conveys all the right messages. On the one hand, you let him know that you were 100% in agreement with the breakup (you have to make him believe that now). By telling her that, you’re telling her that you really don’t need her… and that will drive her unconsciously crazy. By pretending to be “just a friend”, you start planting my patented seeds of seduction that will eventually make her think of you in a sexual way… and win her back. More on this in a moment.

Text #2 – The text “No communication”.
— “You are right. It’s better that we don’t talk now, but I’d like us to be friends someday”. —

This is a bit advanced and you need to know exactly when to send this text… but again, you let him know that you don’t need to talk to him. Basically, you’re telling him that you don’t need it in your reality anymore. By doing this, you make him understand that you want to “move on”… and you start to make him believe that he has really lost you!

Text #3 – The text of “Jealousy”.
— “I think it was a good idea that we decided to start dating other people. I just want us to be friends right now!” —

By saying this, you are telling her that you are dating other people right now… which will make her jealous in turn. That’s a good thing. By saying this, you’re letting her know that other women actually love you. Don’t forget that women are attracted to men who are wanted by other women, so by saying that you are already dating other women, you are basically saying “your loss, lady!

Remember, you can’t send her these messages and expect good results… you need to have a plan of attack and send these messages when she is most likely to take them seriously… only then will she start to be attracted to you and induce in her a “fear of loss”.

In this free presentation, I will show you exactly what you can do to make your ex-girlfriend love you again. Whether you just want a night of hot sex or you really want to get back together with your girlfriend (and keep her), just watch the short video and I’ll tell you how you can get your ex-girlfriend back into your arms!

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