Blind Dates and Honesty

Blind Dates and HonestyEveryone hates to hear those dreaded words, blind date, come out of someone’s mouth. How many times have you been approached by a family member or friend and insisted that you know someone who would be perfect for you in every way, but you’ve never met them? This is one of those things that people try to say at every opportunity. No one wants to date someone they’ve never met, and while it may seem superficial to many, it’s more common than you think.

Think of it this way: You’re not going to buy a car you’ve never seen, heard of, or test-driven, are you? Of course not, because that would be financially suicidal. You have no idea what condition the car will be in, and the same goes for the blind date someone tries to set up for you. You just have to be honest with them and with yourself and tell them you’re not dating someone you don’t know in public.

You need to make sure that the two of you are compatible in more ways than one. Of course, you can be very nice, but if you’re not attracted to each other, there’s no way it’s going to work. You can end up being good friends, but that won’t help you in a romantic relationship. If you have to go on a blind date and you are not attracted to the person, you should tell them right away to avoid confusion later.

Yes, it will probably hurt the person’s feelings to know that you’re not physically attracted to them, but it’s better to hurt them right from the start than to risk upsetting them. These situations can have pretty dangerous consequences if you’re not careful, so it’s always a good idea to avoid blind dates or do your best to be as honest as possible at the beginning of the date. Just make sure you’re tactful in the way you let them down.

There are times when a blind date is the ideal way to find the person you are meant to be with. These moments are rare at best, but everyone has heard the story of a family member who met someone on a blind date and ended up happy for over 50 years. That may not always be the case, but you could be the next rarity in the relationship world, and it could change your life forever. Whether you like it or not, blind dates are sometimes worth it.


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